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2023 Grantee

Modest Family Solutions

Modest Family Solutions (MFS) is a BIPOC agricultural supply chain incubator. MFS in partnership with Blackseed Farm, provides program support for entrepreneurial and small business growth among farmers and agricultural producers in Washington. With a focus on closing disparities in food access, particularly for BIPOC communities, MFS advocates for a food system in which the people who produce, distribute, and consume the food also control the mechanisms behind its production and distribution.
Their programs include key partnerships with AmeriCorps, where they have developed a BIPOC social solidarity farmers market along with unique personal and professional development programs for youth and adults. Their current partnerships focus on AgroUp Halal Procurement to build power for people of color in local food and regional value chains, stabilize and strengthen the efforts of people of color in the value chain to organize, coordinate and deliver good food to institutions, and seed innovation and grow models for equitable good food procurement across regions and sectors.

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