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2023 Grantee

Departamento de la Comida

El Departamento de la Comida is a collective supporting agroecological food projects in Puerto Rico. In a region where most food is imported and processed, climate and colonial crises are an ongoing threat, this community is using food and agriculture to heal both body and land. Their operation features a Food Hub model which consists of a resource library for farmers (Agroteca), a commercial processing kitchen (Cocina), a program for supporting elderly farmers, and Abono, a redistribution program to support infrastructure and other needs of food projects.

With this whole systems approach El Departamento de la Comida is able to help build power and restorative justice among growers and consumers alike; reduce dependency on imported and unhealthy foods, while re-engaging with the local agricultural economy to fight food insecurity. Focused on community wellbeing in San Salvador, Caguas as well as with a growing community of LGBTTQIA+ food projects they collaborate with, mutual aid is a means to support collective needs, including subsidizing crop and food donations from local partner farmers, event coordination and access to resources, as well as joining in the day-to-day cooking and distribution.

Departamento de la Comida
Image provided by: Departamento de la Comida

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